Born and raised in South Louisiana, Shelley learned at a young age that curly hair and humidity do not mix. She harnessed that frustration and turned it into an interest, which molded her ability to style hair, eventually introducing her to the hair color industry. Shelley decided to explore her passion and went on to train at the Vanguard College in Baton Rouge. From there, she quickly dove into practice and worked at a salon for nine years in Baton Rouge as an assistant. Her success was unleashed, and she climbed the ranks as a top stylist and colorist.

Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2019, Shelley diligently pursued a position at Méche Salon and was fortunate to have the pleasure of working alongside Chris Greene for over a year. This experience gave her the opportunity to hone her specific interests and refine her skill set. Shelley takes pleasure in the learning process and experimenting with new products to better serve and meet the unique needs of every client.

Shelley is consistently encouraged by her peers and she draws inspiration from the world around her to create an innovate approach that challenges the status quo. She enhances the dimension of her work by implementing multiple techniques at once to create a subtle and polished, yet dramatic effect. She strives to build trust in her process and ensure complete satisfaction with low-maintenance and sustainable style. Shelley’s goal is to create beautiful, healthy looks that can be easily recreated at home to assure that everyone can feel like an elevated version of themselves each and every day.