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When it comes to makeup, Gina Veltri is a bona fide artist. A firm believer that people should notice the woman and not the makeup, she boasts an unparalleled talent for enhancing her clients’ natural beauty with precisely the right color palette. And it’s no wonder she’s so great at it: with a background in oil painting, she takes pride in translating her work on the canvas into the creation of strikingly beautiful faces. Particularly adept when it comes to brows, she employs a unique no-wax, pain-free tweezing technique that’s so refined, she’s been known to put clients to sleep in the chair. A professional in the truest sense, Gina has worked with some of Hollywood’s most celebrated actresses, transforming their arches as their roles indicate and making thin, role- specific brows full and lively again. Throughout the years, she’s risen to the top of her craft. In addition to working with the industry’s top photographers, she’s regularly featured in prestigious magazines like Lucky and Allure.