Austin Yi


Austin embraces the beauty of different cultures and appreciates the unique quality it brings to his vision as a hairstylist. Originally from Korea, he was enveloped in a culture dense with beauty. There, he developed a strong discipline that encouraged his talents and love for hair. Austin later relocated to Alaska, where he became submerged in the majesty of nature. This inspired a rustic, but still modern, infusion into his styling repertoire, in which his technique took on an effortless but elevated genius. As a lifelong cellist and having had the honor of playing for the city’s symphony, Austin has developed a strong conscientious for being detailed oriented. It allows him to flawlessly orchestrate a look that will best suit the needs of the client and stay in tune with their vision. His comprehensive training has showcased his versatile abilities and has spotlighted his specialty in dry cutting. He strives to design styles that can be recreated by the client at home, philosophizing that a good haircut should feel effortless. Austin aims for perfection, ensuring he hits every note, like a beautifully conducted concert.