This Week @ Mèche

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This Week @ Mèche

Close Encounters of the Celebrity Kind

On any given day our salon is kind of the Grand Central Station of Beverly Hills, and 9 times out of 10 there’s at least one major celeb sitting in our chairs getting their mane managed, or their nails a next level mani/pedi. Here’s this week’s paparazzi pics!

MechSome Meche Salon Celebrity Clients

clockwise from top left:

  1. JLO who literally got ‘Best Dressed’ and ‘Best Beauty Look’ on every single list imaginable. Hair color à la Tracey Cunningham.
  2. Kimberly Perry of ‘The Band Perry” and her lust-worthy locks shot in the salon by our very own photog Luke Austin-Paglialonga! Her perfect blonde by Chelsea Belushi and bomb blow-out by Joseph Orozco
  3. Le Sigh… Will we ever grow up to be Chrissy Teigen? Prob not, but at least we can stare at her in the salon. Blonde courtesy of our Queen T, Tracey Cunningham.
  4. Tish & Noah Cyrus celebrate their extensions from Melissa Brown and Raz Rivera. (jk. they were celebrating Noah’s bday)
  5. #GIRLBOSS, Sophia Amoruso, client of Stacy Ho & Sarah Conner, throws a grunge inspired, tiara slangin’ party at her Melrose store with COURTNEY LOVE. I mean.. this woman had a kid with Kurt Cobain. RIP


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