Celebrity Colorist Specialist



As a high schooler, Dawn became her friends’ go-to expert for hair color. When she bleached her own locks platinum blond, however, her mother took her to the local salon, asking her stylist to “fix” what she had done. But she’d done such a phenomenal job that the stylist instead asked if she’d like a job. A year later, she started assisting him—and that marked the launch of a highly successful career in which she’s gone on to work for the likes of Chris McMillan and Jonathan Antin, two of the most recognizable names in the industry. Dawn has also garnered accolades from Allure Magazine, as well attracted clients like Carmen Electra. A lover of a great natural look, Dawn favors soft, sun-kissed color that looks believably gorgeous—and she’s got an innate knack for the intricate work that it takes to achieve.